Sl.No Company Name Item Name Location Status
1 Aden Cotton & Wollen mfg. works Shocks Nam Nam Non Functioning
2 Aho Yangtam Rice Mill Rice Mill Ranipool Functioning
3 Akasdeep Press & Publication Printing PNG Road Functioning
4 Amritta Knitting Centre Knitting Deorali Non Functioning
5 Angel Candle Factory Candle Jorethang Functioning
6 Arimadhan Atta & Rice Mill Mill Middle Gyalshing Functioning
7 Aritar Rice Mill Rice Mill Aritar Functioning
8 Arun Rice Mill Mill Yangthang Functioning
9 Atlas mfg. co. Tent,jackets Shop No.9 Super Mkt. Functioning
10 Atta Chakki and Rice Huller Mill Ravongla Functioning
11 Baba Mills Mill Rateypani Functioning
12 Babu Kazi Sakya & Sons Statue New Market Functioning
13 Baichung & Bros Mill Rice Mill Pakyong Functioning
14 Balcksmithy Industrial Automobile Fabrication Taxi Stand, Gtk. Non Functioning
15 Baldas Rice Mill Rice Mill Khamdong Functioning
16 Bereah Printing & Stationery Printing Deorali Functioning
17 Bhawana Food Product Confectionery Kamarey Busty Functioning
18 Bhawani Mill Rice Mill Chujachen Functioning
19 Bhawani Shoe Factory Shoe P.S.Road, Gtk. Functioning
20 Bhim Lozenges Confectionery Singtam Non Functioning
21 Bhuchok Tailor Garments Lall Market Functioning
22 Big Byte Computer System Computer Tibet Road Functioning
23 Bijoy Furniture Furniture Pani House, Gtk. Functioning
24 Bijoy Printers Printing Tibet Road Functioning
25 Bishal Printing Press Printing Majigaon Functioning
26 Bishwakarma Furniture House Furniture Near SBI, Tadong Functioning
27 Bonny Chips Potato chips Gangtok Non Functioning
28 Candle Light Industries Candle Tadong Non Functioning
29 Carnation Tailoring House Garments Arithang Functioning
30 Carpet Mfg. Centre Carpet Kazi Road Non Functioning
31 Centre Computer Data Processing Data processing Tadong Non Functioning
32 Chamling Printing Press Printing Jorethang Non Functioning
33 Champion Shoe Factory Shoe Gangtok Non Functioning
34 Chandra Iron Works Agr. Tools Namthang Functioning
35 Chandra Mill Mill Tharpu Busty Functioning
36 Chauhan dry cleaner Dry cleaner Tintek Non Functioning
37 Chung Tshering Tailor Garments Denzong Hall Road Functioning
38 Chusang Noodle Factory Noodle Chandmari Functioning
39 Climatic zone Jackets,etc Baluwakhani Functioning
40 Cosmic Carpet Carpet Rumtek Functioning
41 Cyber Print & System Data Processing Children Park, Gtk. Functioning
42 D.P.Watch Watch repair Tadong Functioning
43 D.T.Wood Carving Woodcrafts Rong busty Functioning
44 Deep Printers Printing Lower Burtuk Functioning
45 Deepak Mill Mill Rangpo Functioning
46 Denzong Chalks Chalks Tathangchen Non Functioning
47 Denzong Electricals Fabrication P.S.Road, Gtk. Non Functioning
48 Denzong Food Products (P) Ltd. Biscuit Jorethang Functioning
49 Denzong Laboratories (P) Ltd. Lab Majitar Functioning
50 Denzong Leather Goods Leather Gangtok Non Functioning
51 Denzong Oil Mill Oil Mill Simik Lingey Functioning
52 Denzong Stationery & Printing Printing Tadong Functioning
53 Devika Enterprise Sing Boards Below Krishi Bhawan Functioning
54 Dharam Mill Mill Daramdin Functioning
55 Diamond Tailor Tailoring Mangan Functioning
56 Dikkary Ind.(P) Ltd. Rice Mill Deorali Functioning
57 Dilliram Electronics Repairing Centre Watch repair Singtam Functioning
58 Doma Knitting Centre Knitting Chandmari Functioning
59 Durga Printing Works Printing Church Road,Gtk. Non Functioning
60 Durosolo Tyre Tyre retreading Deorali Non Functioning
61 Dzongri Enterprise Bakery Near Star Cinema Functioning
62 Dzongri Industries (P) Ltd. Knitting New Market Functioning
63 Eastern Computer & System(P)Ltd. Data processing P.S.Road, Gtk. Non Functioning
64 Eminence India Ltd. Tea Packaging Gangtok Functioning
65 Envision (P) Ltd Computer P.N.G Road Functioning
66 Essel Cable Cable TV Tibet Road Non Functioning
67 Everest Steels (P) Ltd Steel furniture Singtam Functioning
68 Extruder Food Processing (P)Ltd. Extruder food Tadong Functioning
69 France Himalayan Foods Noodle Mandi Bazar,Singtam Functioning
70 Frontier Publication Printing Tibet Road Functioning
71 Frost Ice Cream Ice cream Jorethang Functioning
72 G.P.S.Masala Masala Sichey Busty Functioning
73 Galaxy Cable TV Networks Cable TV PNG Road Non Functioning
74 Ganchenzonga Tibetan Med.&Herbs Tibetan Med. Arithang Non Functioning
75 Gandi Villa Mill Mill Rumtek Functioning
76 Ganesh Alluminium Industry Allm. works Jorethang Functioning
77 Gangtok International Handicrafts Handicrafts Kazi Road, Gtk. Non Functioning
78 Gangtok Prakashan Printing Baluwakhani Functioning
79 Garg Mill Rice Mill Rhenock Functioning
80 Govt. Fruit Preservation Factory Fruit Processing Singtam Functioning
81 Gupta Cold Drinks Cold drinks Mandi, Rangpo Non Functioning
82 Gupta Electronics Electronics Kaluk Bazar Functioning
83 Guru Engineering Works Lathe machine Baluwakhani Functioning
84 Guru Thanka Thanka Chandmari Functioning
85 Gyasa Thangkas Thangkas Artithang Functioning
86 Hamro Auto Works Auto workshop Arithang Functioning
87 High Altitude Spices Ginger paste Ravangla Functioning
88 Hill Contruction (P) Ltd. Stone chips Bordong, Singtam Non Functioning
89 Hill Media Publication Printing Gangtok Functioning
90 Himal India Printers (P) Ltd. Printing Nam Nam Non Functioning
91 Himalaya Distilleries Liquors Majitar Functioning
92 Himalayan Furniture Corner Furniture Jorethang Non Functioning
93 Himalayan Printing Press Printing Deorali Functioning
94 Himalayan Truck body builder Truck body Majitar Non Functioning
95 Himgiri Press Printing Tibet Road, Gtk. Functioning
96 Impression Printing Below Tashi Delek Functioning
97 Inderkhill Paper works & printing Printing P.S.Road, Gtk. Non Functioning
98 Iron Works Fabrication Rangpo Non Functioning
99 Jai Enterprises Fabrication Tibet Road Non Functioning
100 Janga Chunarey Chunarey prdt. Melli Functioning
101 Janga Shoe Factory Shoe Gyalshing Non Functioning
102 Janta Noodle Factory Noodle Rangpo Non Functioning
103 Jindul Industry Bakery Jorethang Functioning
104 Jip & Sip Pepsi Ice candy Rangpo Non Functioning
105 Jorethang Alluminium Works Allm.utensils Jorethang Functioning
106 Jungdhari Shoe Factory Shoe Tibet Road Functioning
107 Kalpana Creations Bed covers Housing colony 5th mile Functioning
108 Kanchanzonga Chemicals (P)Ltd. Paint Thinner Majitar, Rangpo Functioning
109 Kanchanzonga Electrical Works Tyre resole Tibet Road Non Functioning
110 Kanchanzonga Ladaki Industries AAC & ACSR Bagey Khola Non Functioning
111 Kanchendzonga Floor Mills Mill Tadong Functioning
112 Kanchenzonga Noodle Factory Noodle Nam Nam Functioning
113 Kanchenzonga Steel Furniture Ind. Steel furniture Singtam Non Functioning
114 Kanchenzonga Traditional Paint & Handi Handicrafts Namchi Non Functioning
115 Karma Auto Works Auto workshop Lower Tadong Functioning
116 Karma Candle Factory Candle Singtam Functioning
117 Karma Carpet Weaving unit Carpet Deorali Functioning
118 Karma Rice & Oil Mill Rice Mill Ranka Functioning
119 Kasturi Engineering Works Fabrication Pani House, Gtk Functioning
120 Kedarjung Mill Mill Dentam Functioning
121 Kesu Oil Mill Oil Mill Melli Bazar Functioning
122 Khaling Iron works Fabrication Jorethang Functioning
123 Khanal Enterprise Envelope Pachey Khani, Pakyong Non Functioning
124 Kharka Rice Mill Mill Chumbung Functioning
125 Khati Engeenering Fabrication Namchi Functioning
126 Khawas Furniture Shop Furnitures P.S.Road, Gtk. Functioning
127 Kiran Electro Copier Photo Copying New Market Functioning
128 Kitam Enterprises Fabrication Diesel Power House Non Functioning
129 Krishna Dry Cleaner Dry Cleaner Mangan Non Functioning
130 Kumar Tyres Tyre resoling Majigaon Non Functioning
131 Kunphenling Tibetan Refugee Handicraft Handicrafts Ravongla Non Functioning
132 Kurseong Handicrafts Handicrafts Tathangchen Non Functioning
133 Kwality Stores Printing Gangtok, Nationl Highway Functioning
134 L.D.Enterprise Fabrication Deorali Functioning
135 L.N.Cable TV Network Cable TV Rangpo Functioning
136 Labott (P) Ltd. Bottle Manpur Functioning
137 Ladaki Agro Chem (P) Ltd. Dolomite powder Bagey Khola Functioning
138 Ladaki Hume Pipe Pipe Bagey Khola,Singtam Functioning
139 Laden Carpet Carpet Darap Bazar Functioning
140 Lakhi Enterprise Garments Tibet Road Non Functioning
141 Lama & Co.(P) Ltd. Corrugated box Melli Functioning
142 Lama Mill Rice Mill Pakyong Functioning
143 Laxmi Furnitures Furniture Raleykhasey Non Functioning
144 Laxmi Rice Mill Rice Mill Rhenock Functioning
145 Lhasa Tailors Garments Children Parks Functioning
146 Linkey Grinding Mill Mill Linkey Functioning
147 Loday Factory Thanka Lall Market Non Functioning
148 M.N.C.Motor Works Auto workshop Chisopani Functioning
149 Mahabir Mill Mill Rongli Functioning
150 Mahendra Engineering Works Fabrication Namchi Non Functioning
151 Mainam Candle Factory Candle Ravangla Non Functioning
152 Mandira Enterprises Fibre glass prd. Deorali Non Functioning
153 Maskey Atta & Rice Mill Mill Namthang Functioning
154 Maya Carpet Carpet Gyalshing Non Functioning
155 Maya Carpet Carpet Tashiding Functioning
156 Mayal Cotton Mills (P) Ltd. Khada Andhery Khola Non Functioning
157 Mehnam Commercial Co.(P) Ltd. Dolomite Bagey Khola,Singtam Non Functioning
158 Merry Printers Printing Deorali Non Functioning
159 Metro Print Data Processing Gangtok Functioning
160 Micky Food Products Bakery Melli Functioning
161 Mohan Brothers Noddle Jorethang Functioning
162 Motib Bakery Bakery Tibet Road, Gangtok Non Functioning
163 Mount Distilleries Ltd Liquors Majitar Functioning
164 Mukhia Atta Chakki Functioning Jorethang Functioning
165 Mukhia Bakery Bakery Jorethang Functioning
166 Munal Food Products Food products Namchi Functioning
167 N.S.Radio Radio repairing Gangtok Functioning
168 Nancy's Queen Koshilee Automobile Singtam Functioning
169 Narain Rice Atta & Chewra Mill Mill Samdong Functioning
170 National cable TV Cable TV Singam Functioning
171 Nawa Knitting Knitting Ravangla Functioning
172 Naya Halchal Prakshan Printing Tadong Functioning
173 Nehanrika Furniture House Furniture Namchi Functioning
174 Nilam Studio Photo Studio Jorethang Functioning
175 Norbuling Tibetan Tailor Garment Tibet Road Functioning
176 North East Agencies Garments Old Market Functioning
177 Nyeupaney Ice cream Tadong Non Functioning
178 Om Printing Press Printing Arithang Functioning
179 Ongcuk Cable Cable TV Tathangchen Non Functioning
180 Orient Studio Photo Studio Gangtok Functioning
181 Orient Xerox Centre Photo copying P.S.Road Functioning
182 P.M.Studio Photo Studio Namchi Functioning
183 Panaroma Colour Lab. Photo Studio New Market, Gtk. Functioning
184 Paras Manufacture Co. Liquors Middle Camp Functioning
185 Pariyar Tailoring Shop Garments Soreng Functioning
186 Pawan Biscuit & Lozence Biscuit Jorethang Non Functioning
187 Pawan Chaki Mill Singtam Functioning
188 Pema Carpet Carpet Chungthang Non Functioning
189 Pentaprism Colour Lab Colour lab New Market Functioning
190 Phempo Thukpa Noodle Tibet Road Functioning
191 Pines Printers Printing Church Road, Gtk. Functioning
192 Popular Ice Cream Ice Cream Ranipool Functioning
193 Pradhan Bakery Bakery Namchi Non Functioning
194 Pradhan Chaki Mill Lower Daramdin Functioning
195 Pradhan Mill Mill Pakyong Functioning
196 Pradhan Noodles Noodle Rhenock Non Functioning
197 Pradhan Raj Bhandari Furniture House Furniture Daramdin Non Functioning
198 Pradhan Spices Mill Masala Duga Busty Functioning
199 Prakash Iron Works Fabrication Temi Bazar Non Functioning
200 Pratibimba Prakashan Printing Hotel Himalchuli Non Functioning
201 Praveen Enterprises Radio repair Jorethang Functioning
202 Prem Arts Painting Jorethang Functioning
203 Prena Industrial Co. (P) Ltd. Printing Tadong Functioning
204 Pretty Printing Press Printing Tibet Road Functioning
205 Profile Beauty Parlour Parlour M.G. Marg, Gangtok Functioning
206 Quality Photocopy Photocopy Rongli Bazar Functioning
207 Rabdentse Paddy dehusking & grinding Mill Rabdentse Functioning
208 Rahul Tyres Tyre Resloling Ranipool Functioning
209 Rai Auto Electricals Workshop Battery dynamo Tibet Road Functioning
210 Rainbow Printing Press Printing Arithang Functioning
211 Rajala Tea Tea Packaging Rangpo Functioning
212 Rajen Enterprise Ice candy Tibet Road Functioning
213 Rajesh Battery Battery Taxi Stand, Gtk. Non Functioning
214 Raju Watch & Radio repairing Watch repair Namchi Non Functioning
215 Ramesh & Brothers Elec. servicing Tibet Road,Gtk. Functioning
216 Rangit Valley Enterprises (P) Ltd. Masaic tiles Manpur Non Functioning
217 Rangpo Wood Industries Wood Singtam Functioning
218 Ranzong Noodle Factory Noodle Diesel Power House Functioning
219 Repairing of Motor vehicles Repairs Mangan Non Functioning
220 Rice dehusking & Atta Chaki Mill Gyalshing Functioning
221 Rice dehusking & Wheat grinding Mill Barmiok Functioning
222 Rice Dehusking Mill Mill Tareythang Functioning
223 Rice Mill Mill Soreng Bazar Functioning
224 Rice Mill Mill Namok Functioning
225 Rinzare (P) Ltd Shirts Tadong Functioning
226 Ruchi Diagnostics & Clinics(P)Ltd. X-Ray Clinic Gangtok Functioning
227 Rupshree Enterprise Fabrication Above Church,Gtk. Functioning
228 Ruth Enterprises Tarpololine Singtam Non Functioning
229 Ruth Karthak Bakery Singtam Functioning
230 S.I.T.C.O. Watches Deorali Functioning
231 S.Kumar Brewerages Ice candy Singtam Non Functioning
232 Sadam Rice Mill Mill Sadam Functioning
233 Sai STD Centre PCO Ravangla Functioning
234 Sakun Knitwear Knitting Namchi Functioning
235 Salga Handicrafts Centre Handicrafts Chandmari Functioning
236 Samdong Rice Mill Rice Mill Samdong Non Functioning
237 Samdup Norling Noodle Tibet Road Functioning
238 Samrat Furniture Furniture Upper Sichey Functioning
239 Sangam Auto Works Job work Naya Bazar, West Functioning
240 Sangam Auto Workshop Automobile Naya Bazar Functioning
241 Sangam Beauty Parlour Saloon Namchi Functioning
242 Sangay Rice,Atta & Oil expeller Oil Mill Malabasey Functioning
243 Sangey & Sons Rice Mill Mill Singtam Functioning
244 Sanjivani Services (P) Ltd. Data processing 31 National Highway Gtk Functioning
245 Sarala Carpet Unit Carpet Rhenock Non Functioning
246 Sarda Atta Rice Mill Mill Old Market, Gtk. Functioning
247 Sarpeth Electronic Ind.Co-op Soc Ltd T.V. Bye Pass Non Functioning
248 Saru Trunk House Zink trunk Tadong Functioning
249 Savana Printers Printing Arithang Functioning
250 SBL (SKM) (P) Ltd. Herbal Shampoo Majitar Functioning
251 SC Cutting & Tailoring Co.Soc.Ltd. Garments Tibet Road Functioning
252 Serdup Soft Drinks Cold drinks Kazi Road, Gtk. Non Functioning
253 Shankar Rice Mill Rice Mill Below Ranka Non Functioning
254 Shanti Knitting House Knitting Deorali Functioning
255 Sharma Auto works Automobile Goletar, Singtam Functioning
256 Sharma Masala Factory Masala Duga, Rangpo Non Functioning
257 Sharma Rice Mill Mill Sangbong busty,Sang Functioning
258 Sherawali Spices Industry Spices Melli Functioning
259 Sherpa Carpet Weaving Centre Carpet Maniram Banjang Non Functioning
260 Shiv Kr. Agarwal Rice Mill Mill Singtam Non Functioning
261 Shiva Printers Printing Diesel Power House Functioning
262 Shrama Bee Keeping Processing Malabasay Functioning
263 Shree Ganesh Candle Industry Candle Rhenock Non Functioning
264 Shyam Media Enterprise Painting Sonam Gyatso Marg Functioning
265 Sidhant Prakasan Printing Deorali Functioning
266 Signotron (SKM)(P) Ltd. Calculator Dev. Area, Gtk Functioning
267 Sikkiim Tailors Tailors Gyz. Bazar Functioning
268 Sikkim Battery House Battery Enchey Compound Non Functioning
269 Sikkim Biscuit Factory Biscuit Jorethang Functioning
270 Sikkim Candle Factory Candle Star Cinema Hall Functioning
271 Sikkim Carpet International (P) Ltd. Carpet Sang Khola, Singtam Non Functioning
272 Sikkim Commercial Co. Registers Super Market,Gtk. Non Functioning
273 Sikkim Confectionery Bakery Tibet Road, Gtk. Functioning
274 Sikkim Dairy Products Dairy Dentam Functioning
275 Sikkim Emporium Photo copying Old Market Non Functioning
276 Sikkim Flour Mill Mill Tadong Functioning
277 Sikkim Food Processing Ind. Meat products Deorali Functioning
278 Sikkim Food Products (P) Ltd. Bakery Melli Functioning
279 Sikkim Ispat Udyog (P) Ltd. Rods Majitar Functioning
280 Sikkim Leather Product Leather Paradise Hotel,Gtk. Non Functioning
281 Sikkim Packaging & Marketing (P)Ltd. Packaging Rolu Functioning
282 Sikkim Pangden Centre Pangden Baluwakhani Non Functioning
283 Sikkim Paper Industries File, etc Near Paradise Hotel Functioning
284 Sikkim Shoe Factory Shoe Dev. Area, Gtk. Functioning
285 Sikkim Snacks Food (P) Ltd. Cracks Rolley Melli Functioning
286 Sikkim Tannery Leather Majitar Non Functioning
287 Sikkim Traders Rubber stamp Tadong Non Functioning
288 Sikkim Traditional Crafts Handicrafts Pelling Non Functioning
289 Silicon Informatic System Ltd. Computer Tadong Non Functioning
290 Silvanas Enterprise Printing Deorali Functioning
291 Simpal's Press Printing Tibet Road Functioning
292 Sinex (P) Ltd Watch Development Area, Gtk Functioning
293 SKM Informatic Centre Data processing Church Road, Gtk. Non Functioning
294 Snow Lion Enterprises Jackets Nam Nam Functioning
295 Somani Enterprises Photo Lab New Market Functioning
296 Somti Handloom Centre Handloom Sombaria Non Functioning
297 Sonam Carpet Carpet Soreng Non Functioning
298 Sonu Enterprise Printing Dev. Area, Gtk. Non Functioning
299 Sri Jana Tailors Garments Namchi Functioning
300 Srijana Rice Mill Mill Martam Functioning
301 Srilall Mill Mill West Pandim Functioning
302 Srishti Samiti Jute Processing Jalipool Functioning
303 Star Computer & Communication Sys.(P)Ltd. Software Dev.,etc. S.G.Marg, Gangtok Functioning
304 Step-In-Style Garments New Market, Gtk. Functioning
305 STP Pharmaceuticals (P) Ltd Pharmaceutcals Sangkhola, Singtam Functioning
306 Sukhim Handloom Ind. (P) Ltd. Arithang Gauge & Bandage Functioning
307 Susimarts Arts Tibet Road Functioning
308 T.T.Auto Works Automobile Bye Pass Functioning
309 Tadong Oil Enterprises Oil Mill Tadong Non Functioning
310 Tashi Carpet Centre Carpet Burtuk Functioning
311 Tenzing Furniture Furniture Arithang Functioning
312 Tenzing Wooden Furnitures Furniture Changey Shanti Functioning
313 Thapa Mill Rice Mill Makha Functioning
314 Thatal Tailoring House Garments Dentam Functioning
315 Thupden Cable Cable TV Tathangchen Functioning
316 Tikamchand Shriram Rice Mill Mill Gyalshing Functioning
317 Too Good Tailors Garments Ravongla Non Functioning
318 Trend Aperal (P) Ltd. Shirts New Market Non Functioning
319 Tripti's (P) Ltd. Bakery Deorali Functioning
320 Triveni Prakashan Printing Dev. Area Functioning
321 Trokhang Handicraft Centre Handicrafts Dev.Area, Gtk. Functioning
322 Tshering Diki Steel Furniture Entrp. Steel furniture Tadong Functioning
323 Unique Sweets Gangtok Functioning
324 United Tyre Resole Tyre resole Singtam Functioning
325 Uttam cold Storage Cold storage Majitar Functioning
326 Vajra Carpet Centres Carpet Ravangla Functioning
327 Vijaya Agro (P) Ltd. Masala Jorethang Functioning
328 Wang Noodle Factory Noodle Gyalshing Non Functioning
329 Wangchuk Furniture House Furnitures P.S.Road, Gtk. Functioning
330 Yamuna Knitting House Knitting Arithang Non Functioning
331 Yeten Wood Works Furniture Rangpo Non Functioning
332 Zeekay Publishers Printing Arithang Functioning
333 Zigden Carpet Weaving Carpet Chandmari Non Functioning

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